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EXO receives criticism for lip-syncing at their solo concert


EXO has been receiving some negative critiques for their solo concerts held in Seoul.

A fan reviewed EXO’s setlist for their solo concerts and discovered that out of the 18 songs that the group performed, only 5 were actually sung live.

While some some songs did involve EXO’s live vocals, they were singing along to an AR track, which netizens believe still counts as lip-syncing.

Many are wondering why fans would shell out $100 only to listen to the studio version of their favorite idols’ songs.

EXO receives criticism for lip syncing at their solo concerts

EXO has been compared to SHINee, TVXQ, Big Bang, and INFINITE, all of who sing their songs live at concerts.

And netizens know that EXO isn’t lip-syncing because they’re untalented, so why do they do it?

Some explanations are that there are too many mics required for EXO and that there could be technical difficulties if they sing live.

Others are saying that EXO’s choreography is too hardcore, so they have to lip-sync.

Whatever the case is, we can understand where netizens are coming from. We would prefer that EXO sing their songs live… even if they aren’t perfect.

Because that’s one of the best parts of going to a concert!

We hope something changes in the future, and that EXO is able to perform a true concert.

But even so, going to an EXO concert and seeing all of the boys perform their amazing choreography on a beautifully designed set would be well worth the $100 anyways.

Here are the comments netizens have left regarding EXO’s lip-syncing, translated by KpopKfans:

– Concerts are to listen to live singing, not to listen to the studio versions… It’s not like they’re untalented and yet they keep lip-syncing…
– Huh I thought idols sing live at concerts at least…
– But it’s too much… I guess I could understand if they lip-sync a few songs because they’re heavily performance based but singing only 5 songs out of 18 songs… And at idols concerts, they play fanservice videos in between and they could take short breaks to sing live. We all know that EXO is in a controversy but that shouldn’t ruin the quality of the concert.
– I’ll give them a pass because their choreography is hardcore…
– Well I don’t understand those fans who pay $100 and go to a lip-sync concert. Consumers have to seek for their own rights. SM will keep pursuing lip-sync concerts because fans are still buying the tickets. If this keeps happening, we’ll have more lip-sync concerts.
– It wasn’t full lip-sync, they had AR in the background and sang on it.
– AR is not lip-sync but it’s not live either
– Don’t TVXQ and Shinee sing all live?
– Bigbang sings full live, hah
– The dictionary defines that AR has both instrumental and vocals. It’s indeed lip-sync
– I never knew that singers actually lip-sync at concerts
– I’m not bashing them but I don’t think it would be hard to sing live because they have 11 members… ㅋㅋ

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