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EXO receiving hate due to fans/anti-fans alleged petition to exempt them from military service


It seems that people will try anything just to see EXO get defamed. And you know it’s become a pretty serious issue when even SM Entertainment has to chime in to defend the boys.

Fans, or most likely anti-fans, have been spreading posts and “news” saying that there is an alleged petition going around trying to exempt the Korean members of EXO from having to do military service.

The thing is, some EXOtics are ridiculously insane, so there is a possibility that one of them is behind all of this, but the way that these posts have been worded… it sounds like it’s coming from an anti-fan/troll instead.

EXO receiving hate due to a fan or anti-fans military exemption petition

One user, called “Lime****”, posted this message,

“Everyone, this is not the problem here!!! Please help our EXO oppas become exempt from military service!! Instead of our oppas, can’t regular guys just add a few more years to their service instead. They can just think of it as being on a retreat a little longer. The EXO fanclub is currently collecting signatures for a petition. Please sign to help our EXO oppas become exempt from service.”

Okay, first of all. EXO doesn’t even have an official fanclub yet. Any real fan would know that. Trust us, many of us have been waiting and waiting for the day when it’s finally created.

And second off, just the line “Can’t regular guys just add a few more years to their service instead. They can just think of it as being on a retreat a little longer.”

That line was deliberately included to stir up hatred. No one believes that these army guys feel like they’re on a retreat. If it were a retreat, their service wouldn’t be mandatory. This message was obviously included to piss off men (and it has successfully worked).

Another user said,

“It is absurd for our precious EXO to go to the army.”

And Another said,

“If you search ‘EXO military exemption’ on the internet, 468,821 people in the fan club have participated in the petition. Give us a bit more strength.”

Okay the second user might just be a delusional fan girl, but the third user is definitely a troll/full of crap. 468,821 is a very specific number for a very fake petition. It sounds like the user just typed in a random number and had a good laugh about it.

Media outlet DongA Ilbo did some digging of their own and found no signs of the alleged petition… so you can smell the BS in the air.

DongA Ilbo did some more digging around the smaller, unofficial EXO fanbases and still didn’t discover any evidence of there ever being a petition.

There is no proof that this petition even exists, and that makes some people believe that these posts are just the work of anti-fans trying to get the public to dislike EXO.

Unfortunately, these anti-fans’ tactics are working. The public is pissed.

Some left comment on public forums saying,

“I definitely have to see EXO enter the army now.” and

“If EXO enlists, I will make sure to personally train them.”

SM Entertainment chimed in saying,

“At the moment, we are unable to discern if these posts were written by fans or anti-fans… It seems like a happening that stems from the high popularity that EXO is receiving.”

There are also some anti-fans (posing as regular fans) going around and insisting that “Growl” be made the Korean National Anthem. And I’m sure they’ll think of some other ways to harm EXO’s reputation.

These people need to get a life… or find some semblance of happiness, because going around slandering others is just disgusting. They’re just as disgusting as sasaeng fans.

Source: Allkpop


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