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EXO releases their first music video for “Growl”

After a much anticipated wait, EXO has finally released their first music video for their comeback song “Growl”.

I say first music video because according to SM Entertainment, there are various versions of the music video which will be released in the future.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long before those music videos are released. EXO fans are still waiting for the second half of the Wolf drama music video… and that’s after they had to wait a whole month for the first half to be released.

EXO releases their first music video for Growl

Nonetheless, the version of the Growl MV that was released was the “one-take method” version. Using a steady cam, the boys of EXO performed the choreography of Growl in one take. SM Entertainment stated that this version of Growl would make fans feel like they’re watching a dance movie. Here you can see the entirety of the complex and addictive choreography that accompanies the R&B/upbeat feel of Growl.

Only 16 hours after the release of the Growl MV, the Korean version had already achieved 1.5 million hits on YouTube, with the Chinese version of the MV reaching 700,000 hits. That’s a lot of views for a music video, especially for a relatively new group. Even the more established groups take a long time before they hit the 1,000,000 view mark, but EXO is able to pull it off easily.

This music video for Growl basically seems like the “dance” version, so perhaps we’ll see a normal version soon, and maybe a mini-drama version later. Or they could be following Girls’ Generation’s example with “Paparazzi”, which had two dance versions and one regular version that included an intro. Either way, EXO fans will be thrilled.

To accompany the release of their first Growl MV, EXO also made their comeback on M! Countdown, which we will have a video for you later. Until then, be sure to check out both the Korean and the Chinese version of Growl below!

EXO – Growl (Korean Version)

EXO – Growl (Chinese Version)

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