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EXO reveals the hardship of having Sasaeng fans

EXO has been infamous for having some of the worst fans in the K-Pop industry, with many netizens saying that it’s like the worst fans of TVXQ and the worst fans of H.O.T joined forces to harm EXO. Their sasaeng fans, who are pretty much just stalkers, have been causing trouble not only to staff workers at music events and regular civilians, but of course the boys of EXO themselves.

In an interview with Sports Seoul, EXO had finally revealed answers to a question that many fans have been asking, “How do you feel about your sasaeng fans.” While for the most part, EXO kept their answers fairly nice, there were some powerful answers that helped people realize the severity of the issue.

The members of EXO stated together that their sasaeng fans are a huge problem, not only for themselves, but for the innocent people around them as well. They stated that the sasaengs have been harmful to their neighbors and anyone who is in their general vicinity at any moment.

Their sasaeng fans have been caught sleeping in front of and around their dorms, jaywalking through traffic, pushing and shoving people around, and doing other immature and crazy things. What also sucks is that EXO’s normal fans have been blamed for these sasaeng’s actions.

EXO reveals the hardships of having Sasaeng fans

The EXO members stated that while they love that their sasaeng fans come and support them, they would like it if those fans controlled themselves more and displayed good manners while in public places.

EXO stated that their sasaeng fans are incredibly intrusive, even to the point where they will find out their overseas schedules, and book tickets to the same flight as EXO just so that they can take non-stop pictures of the members and bother them and other innocent passengers on the plane. It’s scary how EXO isn’t even safe while traveling through the air. It doesn’t stop there either. As soon as EXO lands, those crazy fans jump into taxis just to follow the boys around.

The members stated that their D.O has it the worst when it comes to sasaeng fans, because for some odd reason he has more individual sasaeng fans compared to the rest of the members. D.O stated,

“Personally, since we have so many sasaeng fans, I’ve started to feel victimized. It’s gotten to the point where my mood becomes negative even towards our normal fans.”

He continues to say,

“Even my personality has changed. Even though I used to be shy and cautious around strangers, because of our sasaeng fans, I have become even more so.”

EXO D.O sees sasaeng fans

EXO-K’s leader Suho tried to stay polite when discussing sasaeng fans. He said,

“We hope you will support us at official events and concerts, and we thank you for your passion and your support, but we also have our own private lives. If you love us, please refrain from being sasaeng fans.”

On a somewhat more upbeat note, EXO did clear up a rumor about a sasaeng fan shaving off her hair just so she could follow the boys into the restroom. They stated that the fan was really just a guy and that those rumors were false.

EXO fan shaves off hair really a guy

While that may be true, EXO’s sasaeng fans have been known to be THAT crazy, if not moreso. There were fans who would grope them, fans who would slit their wrists to show their loyalty and love, and fans who would walk arm-in-arm with the boys as if they were couples (poor D.O).

EXO D.O sasaeng fan

I hope EXO’s situation with sasaeng fans lightens up in the future (it’d be even better if sasaeng fans just disappear). Hopefully SM Entertainment will increase security around EXO and come up with a solution to all of these crazy fans. Why can’t these fans be more like the ones that greeted EXO in Russia?

EXO russia fans are awesome

  1. Rachel ¬‿¬ says

    :/ our fandom are shit !! 🙁

    I’m very sad D:

    1. Joanne says

      Don’t blame your fandom. D: The EXO’s fandom is actually really cool. It is just those saesung fans that can’t control themselves. Tbh, I don’t think saesung fans are even EXO’s fans. Yano, if they were, they would’ve known better than to hurt them.

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  3. Sandy Han says

    I love my fandom we’re cool people but because of those saessang fans everyone now treat us like shit! And poor D.O!

  4. ☆.。.:*・°☆ `*:;, says

    one of the reasons why the other fandoms look down on us ;~; sasaengs need to stop ):

  5. ♡Sai88♡ says

    And just be like a Malaysian fans~
    Saesaengs, please stop!

  6. DORANIfasolati says

    To be honest. I find Exotics really cool. We have the best fanfic writers, best supporters, ones whom EXO really can count whenever they’d release an album or have their comeback or hold concerts. Exotics are also friendly, “don’t talk to strangers” is really not suitable quotation for them. When they come to meet a co-exotic “asdfgahajkej reeeeaaaallyyyy? Who’s your bias? Oh mine is ~” then friendship builds up. They were the ones whom you can build up a dream that someday you’ll go to korea together to see your bias and breathe the same air as them but unfortunately and disappointingly sasaeng fans ruin this beautiful image of Exotics. Worse, it may also affect Exo’s view about fans whether sasaeng or normal, but seeing how patient they are hopefully it wouldn’t. But sasaeng fans are really way too much hope they’ll stop. Dont want oppas to get hurt. 🙁 esp. Kyungsoo. 🙁

  7. Kim Chasoo says

    I Feel really bad for exo..
    i wish those saessang fans would just relax and chill for minute
    i mean i would be crazy over exo but not like that….
    i hope that dont hurt exo (esp sehun and kai)

  8. Helena Magick says

    Sasaeng fans would probably make their lives a little bit more relaxing if the disappeared. they only state things nicely because they wouldn’t want to lose NORMAL fans. and people cutting their wrists? God, if I were EXO, I would be pretty damn scared.

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  10. […] you’re not familiar with the sasaeng’s and their effect on EXO, you can check out this post here. The sasaeng issue has gotten so out of hand that it’s starting to become harmful to the […]

  11. whateveryousay says

    EXO FANS made me hate EXO the way they hate on other groups when ever they say or do something related to exo that pisses me off .. THEY ARE NOT GODS WAKE UP PEOPLE !

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