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EXO rumored to be making a comeback mid-June!

Instiz has just reported that EXO is expected to make a comeback in mid-June!

They’re very cryptic as to why they believe the boys will be coming back, but they stated that they’ll be updating everyone with the specifics very soon.

The webpage that Instiz teased shows a countdown timer, getting fans all hyped up.

EXO rumored to have a comeback in Mid June

And hyped up we are, although the timing is a bit strange.

NCT is expected to make a comeback in June as well, and it looks like they’ll be overshadowed by EXO’s overwhelming popularity.

Poor guys… we still hope NCT has successful promotions.

Of course, this is all still a rumor until SM Entertainment confirms the news themselves.

Everyone was expecting EXO to have a comeback in July, so that NCT can have a successful round of promotions.

We know that SM has huge plans for this summer, with June already mapped out and August reserved for Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary.

It would make more sense for EXO to comeback in July, but who knows, maybe SM doesn’t care about overlapping promotions.

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