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EXO says they’re composed of every woman’s ideal type

EXO was recently a guest on “Jo Jung Chi & Hareem’s 2PM” radio, where they shared with listener’s the secret to their popularity.

Well, it might not really be a secret.

The DJ’s asked EXO what they believed caused their spike in popularity, or what they’d like to call “The EXO Syndrome“.

EXO nervously and shyly answered,

“It’s kind of weird for us to say this with our own mouths, but in EXO, we don’t lack a woman’s ideal type among our 12 members. Each one of our members is overwhelming with charms.”

EXO group photo 2

The DJ’s chimed in with,

“The 12 members are the combination of women’s ideal types”.

While it is a pretty bold statement for EXO to be making, EXO fans aren’t exactly disagreeing with them.

Though some EXO fans can argue that it’s not that each member is an ideal type that matches a certain set of women… because each member has enough charisma and charm to enchant all types of women on their own.

Just ask any EXOtic how hard it is to choose a bias in EXO.

What do you think of EXO’s response to the question?

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