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EXO Sehun, D.O, and Kai all got their driver’s license!


EXO members Sehun, D.O, and Kai all received their drivers’ licenses yesterday!

They’re fully-fledged drivers now, ready to take on the traffic life that is Seoul.

Congratulations to all 3 youngins for finally being able to drive legally.

Now, it’s time for themselves to buy cars… though I’m sure they have enough in the bank to do so.

EXO's Sehun Kai and D.O all got their driver's license

We know that it was EXO Sehun’s goal to get his driver’s license this year, so good for him for keeping to his word.

Now these 3 can help drive the other members around. And now they’re not limited to going only to food stores and shops that are within walking distance of their dorm.

They also don’t have to rely on their managers to help them with personal errands.

It must be freeing to know that they can be more independent now.

Congrats to these 3 EXO members, and we do hope that they’re safe drivers. The traffic in a high-populated area like Seoul can be a bit dangerous.

  1. dodoong~ says

    Congrat to Sehun Kai and D.O ~~ Chukahaeyo!!

  2. johnprince buizon says

    Congrat to Sehun Kai and D.O ~~ Chukahaeyo!!

  3. Ma Donna Angeline Sahagun says

    Congratulations Oppas especially to Kyungsoo 🙂 🙂

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