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EXO shares their favorite books on “The Human Condition”

EXO was recently a guest on “The Human Condition“, and Kwanghee asked the boys when was the last time they had a chance to read a book.

He jokingly assumed that since they’re all handsome idols, they don’t really read books.

He was pleasantly surprised when each EXO member revealed their favorite books (minus Xiumin and Sehun).

Kai said that his favorite book is Suspect X, which was turned into a movie later on. Luhan revealed that his favorite book was Harry Potter, which caused Kwanghee to joke that they probably only watched the movies based on the books.

EXO shares their favorite books on The Human Condition

Suho broke the trend of books-turned-movies by saying that his favorite book is “The Little Prince“. Of course Suho would read a book like that. “The Little Prince” is a french book translated into various languages. Suho said that even re-reading the book, he gets a completely different feeling every time.

He says whether he reads it 5 years or 10 years later, it’s different. It’s probably due to his mentality and maturity evolving over time. I’m sure we’ve all experienced what Suho’s talking about, whether it’s with an old book we’ve re-read, or from watching an old TV show re-run years after we first watched it.

At the end, Kwanghee gave Xiumin a book to read. He said that if Xiumin comes across an interesting passage, he should send him a text. He also told Xiumin that if he doesn’t read it, he can lie to him and say that he did.

Check out Kwanghee’s full interview with EXO below!

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