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EXO snags their 3rd Triple Crown in a row!


EXO has snagged their 3rd Triple Crown this week! Today’s Triple Crown comes compliments of M! Countdown. The boys went up against Sunmi for the win, and managed to achieve the win by 200 points. The final score was 6817 to 6636! Sunmi was very close!

I do want to point out that Sunmi was a really good sport during the score accumulation. She was very graceful losing only by 200 points, and she was very cute when they announced that EXO won! I really hope that Sunmi will be able to snag a #1 of her own in the near future.

EXO has been doing extremely well this week in terms of achievements. They grabbed Triple Crowns from both Inkigayo and Show Champion, and their 1st full-album XOXO has sold over 740,000 copies!

EXO snags their 3rd Triple Crown in a row!

They were given the title “Music Kings” for being the first artists in 12 years to sell over 700,000 albums.

The boys are also gearing up to launch their official fan club really soon! Registration started a few days, so we should be getting an official launch date in the near future. I can’t wait to hear what the official fandom will be called.

Congrats to EXO on their 3rd Triple Crown tonight! We look forward to their next achievement.

EXO – Growl

M! Countdown winner announcement

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