EXO speaks about Kris’s departure in their press conference

At EXO’s “The Lost Planet Press Conference” today, the EXO members shared their thoughts on Kris’s decision to leave the group.

They were all devastated and surprised that he up and left without any warning, but they knew they couldn’t wallow in depression for long.

They powered through all of the emotions they were feeling and devoted their time to putting on the best solo concert performance they could.

Check out their thoughts in the interview below:

EXO speaks up about Kris at Press Conference

Suho: We were really confused at first, but we were more worried for the fans rather than for our concert. We hoped to give the most perfect performance for our fans. We discussed this a lot. After the incident, we worked and practiced really hard, hoping to give everyone a great performance.

Luhan: First of all, the most touching aspect out of this was that even though there was only a week until the concert, the staff all worked very hard to make our performance perfect. Within a week, all of our dance routines and contents had to be modified, but we still managed to give everyone a perfect performance, so I’m touched.

Chanyeol: At first, everything was confusing and in chaos. I was worried most about our concert performance for our fans. We discussedst among ourselves a lot and we practiced a lot more. Because we practiced so much and had more rehearsals, our bond grew stronger. I think that’s how we were able to create a perfect solo concert performance. I can say with confidence that you will be able to feel the quality of our performance at today’s concert.

Baekhyun: With the concert taking place in one week, we could have been low in spirits after this situation, but all of the members instead worked hard to prepare, so I’m very proud and grateful.

Lay: We had an interview in China about the situation. We were very upset. There was a lot of disappointment and we were hurt. Because of the situation, and because of the rumors, EXO’s fans were divided and I was upset that there was a misunderstanding. I hope that situations like this don’t happen in the future because I want EXO to become one.

Chen: Just like how the rain hardens the ground, our member’s teamwork has also become stronger (oh Chen. So wise).

Tao: Because of this situation, everyone was very hurt and got influenced in many different ways. But please do not focus too much on this situation. We will grow even more because of this.

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  1. Maijun Jamdee
    May 25, 2014

    Nothing about how they feel about Kris though, huh… For the media I guess, but now I question their “brotherly” relationship

  2. Maijun Jamdee
    May 25, 2014

    Nothing about how they feel about Kris though, huh… For the media I guess, but now I question their “brotherly” relationship

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