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EXO Suho receives netizens/fans respect for his thoughtfulness


If there is one good thing that has come from EXO Baekhyun’s dating scandal with SNSD’s Taeyeon, it’s that fans are becoming more grateful towards the other members who show great thoughtfulness towards their fans.

EXO Suho has been receiving amazing praise from both netizens and fans recently.

Most noticeably, fans have been praising him because of the grey backpack that he used to always carry around. He had been carrying it around ever since he was a trainee and also during his debut era.

Fans wondered why he was carrying a non-luxury item around so much, especially since he’s super rich.

EXO Suho receives netizens fans praise for his thoughtfulness

It turns out that that grey backpack was the first gift he had ever received from his fans.

So while it might not have been a high-end Gucci backpack, it still held more value to him than money can ever buy, and he wanted to show it off to the world.

To be honest, reading this story actually made me like him a lot more.

Fans also brought up how Suho would always buy the EXO members food, even while they were still trainees.

Kai said that Suho bought him food all the time during his 5 years of training.

And fans also brought up the EXO Showtime scene where D.O just pointed to a hot dog and Suho casually/quietly handed him his credit card.

Suho non-chalantly giving D.O his credit card

That’s our Suho! The nicest, most awesome leader a group can ask for.

We’re glad he’s becoming more recognized by people.

Here are what fans/netizens are saying, translation thanks to KpopKfans:

1. [+171, -5] What’s cooler is that his hobbies are golf and biking, his home is in Apgujung, Siwon’s old neighbor, he said he bought food for his members to lead them, and Jongin also said Joonmyun bought him delicious food during their 5 years of training. On Showtime, Kyungsoo pointed at a hot dog and Joonhyun quietly pulled out his credit card. He’s rich but he never shows it off and he even denies that he spends a lot of money for the members. Honestly he could get tons of other bags with sponsors and his own money but he used the bag for the fan’s kindness. The gap between someone who knows how precious his role is and someone who doesn’t know is very big.
2. [+159, -15] We don’t even need to mention their personalities because their looks are at different classes ㅋㅋㅋ Byun Baekhyum has cheap looks, don’t compare him to Joonmyun. I always stanned K without Baekhyum and whenever I said Baekhyum wasn’t handsome, these Baek fans were coming at me so I didn’t mention his looks but now I can. Baekhyum, you’re a shame of SM. How did the casting manager cast him when his face was freaking ugly? The manager and Baekhyum need to hold hands and leave SM ㅋㅋ
3. [+132, -9] Wow ㅋㅋㅋ He’s so different from Byun Baekhyum who thinks his fans are money givers. Joonmyun-ah, I love you ㅠㅠㅠ
4. [+52, -1] Seriously Joonmyun is modest… But Byun Baekhyun-ssi said, “Suho hyung is too caged because of his long training time. I want to break the barrier” ㅋㅋㅋ Who are you to say that, Byun Baekhyun ㅋㅋㅋ Do you think 7 months and 7 years are the same?
5. [+37, -1] I’m so dumbfounded with Baekhyun’s interview that mentions Suho ㅋㅋ Oh so you were frustrated because Joonmyun was too caged? Is that why you opened up the open car? ㅋㅋ
6. [+34, -1] I’m not an EXO fan, but I had good impressions on Suho and Kai and I didn’t have good impressions on Baekhyun and a few other members. But my friend told me that Suho was the most unpopular member and Baekhyun was the most popular one. I was really surprised and this broke out… If you’re a good person, you’ll get recognized in the future.
7. [+31, -0] Oh My God Joonmen… I wish the best for Kim Joonmyun
8. [+26, -1] Also this one
Kai and Baekhyun were asked “what do you see when you reach the top?”
Baekhyun answered, “I see a high sky”
Kai answered, “I see another mountain that I have to climb”
  1. miss. overspender says

    wtf are those comments?! gosh they make me feel so ashamed to be in this fandom. why do they bring up baekhyun in every little thing? why can’t they say that Suho is a sweet guy without making baek ugly, nasty and whatnot? what harm had he done except trying to be happy? like wtf is wrong with those people?!
    baek is my bias and i admit when the news broke out i was a bit jelly as in he’s dating his ideal type, who gets that chance?! then a part of me got worried that sm is using them to cover up some shit like tax evasion (im still pondering over this). however, another part of me hopes it’s real, he’s happy and he’ll get through this without those nasty comments getting to him and affecting his relationship.

    1. lee so ra says

      I agree with you 100 percent and baekhyun isn’t even my bias.

  2. luhanlover says

    i hope people will stop comparing individuals
    beak is too young to be compared to Suho.

  3. Kkaebsong~ says

    Suho is an undoubtedly good and efficient leader!!

  4. passion burn says

    I’ll just ignore the hate comments and go straight to the good part where they compliment our Joonmen

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