EXO talks about what it’s like to perform on Immortal Song 2

EXO talked with IZE Magazine about what it’s like being recurring guests on Immortal Song 2. The boys said that it’s an experience far more scarier and nerve-wracking compared to performing at any other event.

For their first performance, Baekhyun said that it was very scary performing for so many people (who aren’t EXO fans). He said that he doesn’t usually get nervous on the stage, but on Immortal  Song 2, it was completely different.

Chen said that he saw Baekhyun’s hand during the performance and it was shaking very hard.

Things turned around during the second performance. Chen said that because they had more members on the stage, their nerves were more at ease. He said that the difference in energy was huge.

EXO talks about what it's like to perform on Immortal Song 2


However, despite having more members for their second performance, D.O was still terrified. He said that he is more prone to nervousness compared to the other members, and because they had to perform in front of Jeon Youngrok sunbae, he became so nervous that he didn’t really know if he was singing or not.

Kai said that because of certain situations, they weren’t able to match the song and dance correctly (which you can notice slightly during the performance). He said that if they were able to practice more for their performance, and if they weren’t so nervous, they could have done much better.

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For those of you who haven’t seen EXO’s performances on Immortal Song 2 yet, you should. They’re doing a phenomenal job on that show, especially with their performances of “I sincerely didn’t know” and “With You“.

source: Ize
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans

A member that is in charge of that type of role, for your first appearance on <Immortal Song> you went with just Chen, and because you had to be more serious, it must have been nerve wracking.
Baekhyun: If you look at it in one way, because it was the first performance where we were singing in front of many people representing EXO, it was burdensome. Maybe it was because of that, I’m not the type that gets really nervous on stage but I was really nervous then.
Chen: While singing I saw Baekhyun’s hand and it was shaking hard. (laughter) After that, the next time we appeared, we went with a lot of members, and for sure I was able to tell that the difference between when with the members and without was big.

Were the other members who went on able to adjust to it pretty quickly.
D.O: Originally when I stand on stage, I get more nervous than the other members. And because Jeon Youngrok sunbae was in front of of us on <Immortal Song,> I was so nervous I don’t even know if I sang.
Kai: On that program, the session is all live. But we weren’t able to match the song and dance to it because of the situation status. Our turn was the ending performance but because we went in late, the guitarist played for a longer time. (laughter) If we had matched it before hand or if we had more experience, we would have been able to deal with a situation like that better but because we were nervous and on top of that unable to prepare a lot, we were slightly taken aback. Although it could have been better, we worked hard.

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