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EXO talks potential English album, Far East Movement, and more with MTV Asia!

After having a successful performance at the MTV World Stage in Malaysia, EXO sat down for an interview with MTV Asia to tell their fans just how much they love them and how much they loved performing on such a huge stage.

The interview with EXO started off with the boys saying how handsome they are. Their exact words were,

We’re all good looking.

The boys stated how thankful they were to be invited to perform at the MTV World Stage in Malaysia, and what an honor it was sharing the stage with both Robin Thicke and Far East Movement.

EXO said that they enjoyed Far East Movement’s performances a lot last night, and the boys were even able to snag a few pictures with the group. Far East Movement felt the same way about EXO, and even tweeted, “Shout to #EXO for the shout on stage. Cool dudes

The boys said that their favorite moment from the entire concert was when they got to perform their crowd-pleasing song “3.6.5“. They said that that was their favorite moment because they were able to perform so close to their fans, who were braving the rain.

EXO Interviews with MTV Asia

However, their favorite performances for the night were their performances for “Wolf” and “Growl”. They said that those songs allow the entire group to perform as one, something that they won’t be able to do for their next comeback (unless SM Entertainment has a change of heart!).

EXO said that with 12 members, even though it’s difficult and it takes a lot longer to get organized, they are more powerful and they have a lot more to show.

The boys weren’t able to say anything about their next comeback, but they promised that it will be superior to both “Wolf” and “Growl”, so we should all look forward to it.

EXO also stated that in the future, there is a possibility that they will make an English album. Their reasoning? Because “Everything is Possible“.

If you missed the MTV World Stage in Malaysia concert, you can check MTV’s schedule here to see when they’ll re-broadcast the concert!

We’re glad that they had so much fun in both Malaysia and the Philippines this weekend. While we’re all sad that they’re done promoting XOXO, we’re happy that they can finally get some R&R. EXO’s Kris is heading back to Canada for a little while for personal reasons, and the rest of the boys are all heading back home to do whatever they want to do.

So what can we anticipate for the rest of this year? Possibly their next single, their performances at SMTOWN, the creation of their official fandom, possible discussions of their first solo concerts, and much more!

Source: MTVAsia

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