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EXO Tao suffers a painful fall at the GDAs

Yesterday, EXO’s Tao had to go to the emergency room due to a very bad cold he had been suffering from.

But despite his illness, he gathered himself and got himself to the 29th Annual Golden Disk Awards.

That turned out to not be a good idea.

A fancam caught footage of Tao falling down hard after his back flip during EXO’s Overdose performance.

EXO Tao suffers a painful fall at the Golden Disk Awards 1

He looks like he’s in so much pain after he fell down.

But despite the injury, he managed to pull himself together and get back to the performance.

He definitely has good composure and a good work ethic, but we can tell that he needs to rest.

After their performance, Suho asked Tao if he was alright, to which Tao replied “I’m fine.”

Kai also went to Tao to comfort him.

They both hugged him.

SM Entertainment needs to stop slave-driving EXO, or else they’ll have members leave again just like Kris and Luhan did.

Source: Plastic Min


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