EXO teases 2015 comeback at 2014 MAMA awards

After their special stage at the 2014 MAMA awards, EXO teased that they’re going to have a comeback in 2015… which we of course knew already.

The teaser was as vague as can be, but that didn’t stop us all from getting head-over-heels excited!

We most certainly hope that EXO makes their comeback in January like the rumors state!

We EXO-L want to get a head start on securing these boys their daesang awards for 2015!

EXO teases 2015 comeback at 2014 MAMA awards

EXO has done a great job this year even though they had the worst year possible for the career.

We can’t wait for 2015 to come around, not only because it means a new comeback from EXO, but also because it’ll be a fresh start for them.

Check out EXO’s teaser in the video below.

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