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EXO throws Chen a surprise birthday celebration!


Despite having a busy schedule, the EXO members still had time to plan and throw Chen a surprise birthday celebration! Chen updated EXO-M’s official website with a fresh selca!

He wrote alongside his selca:

Hello! This is Chen!!!

We are in Germany right now.

Sorry for the late greeting!

I’m shocked because the members threw me a surprise birthday party!… Those bunch of mischievous people!!! ha ha ha

I’ve spent my happy birthday with the members here!

I would like to thank my fans for all of your wishes.

Also, I am always thankful for your love. I love you ^^.

EXO throws Chen a surprise birthday party!

We’re glad that Chen had a wonderful birthday. We’re sure that fans from all around the world made him feel special when they sang happy birthday to him everywhere he went. Doesn’t he look happy? And it appears that he doesn’t have any makeup on. He still looks good though!

The boys are currently in Germany right now doing a photo shoot for a magazine. They’ll be there all week, but at least they have a lot of time to relax! They’re even staying at a 5-star hotel in Berlin!

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