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EXO to announce their official fanclub on Nov. 28th via EXO’s Showtime

It has been confirmed that EXO will finally announce their official fanclub on the first episode of EXO’s Showtime.

That means that on November 28th, EXO’s fans will finally know what to call themselves, whether it’s Wendy, EXOKiss, Squids, Moo, or… EXOrcists.

I don’t know if any of those names feel right… I’m so used to EXOtics to be okay with anything else, but we’ll see what the boys come up with.

Alongside the announcement of their official fanclub, EXO will also be announcing their official fanclub color!

EXO to announce their official fanclub on November 28th on EXO's Showtime

If I were to choose one of the suggested fanclub names… I think I would want to be called EXOKiss more than any of the other choices, but even that sounds strange to me.

I really hope there were some other good suggestions added to the list. Ah, the anticipation is killing me.

What do you want the official fanclub to be called? What do you think EXO’s color should be?

Source: SMTownFamily

  1. Rachel says

    EXORCISTS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA IM DEAD. but what does moo and squids mean?

  2. D A N I ★☆ says

    seriously? WENDY? why because of Peter Pan?? XDD I remember when I was still a chemistry student I thought exotics should be called “EXOthermic” or “ENDO” xDDD

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  5. SooYoung DA Best says

    They still haven’t announced the official fan lub name and color yet right??? Urggg so annoying

  6. tippany says


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