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EXO to film for Running Man today and tomorrow!

Update: It looks like 11 of the members are present for filming (minus Chanyeol)! Also, Miss A’s Suzy will also appear in the episode.

The day has finally come! Many of us EXOtics have been waiting for EXO to appear on the variety show “Running Man“!

They’ll be joining baseball player Ryu Hyeon Jin as special guest stars for the show. I can hardly wait! I know that it’ll be a hilarious episode.

The boys of EXO will be filming for Running Man both today and tomorrow. There’s not much information as to what kind of missions they will be doing, but I’m sure we’ll get some sneak previews soon.

Their episode of Running Man should air sometime in November, which I know is only next month, but still seems so far away.

EXO to film Running Man today and tomorrow!

So are you excited? I wonder if all 12 members will be filming, or if only a select few will be…

Actually, I just had a sudden realization. Chanyeol won’t be there because he’s currently filming for “Law of the Jungle” Micronesia edition. That’s a little disappointing… but I know the other members will do fine. It’s just that the Running Man episode would have been so much better with him in attendance (I can imagine all of the Baekyeol moments).

Nonetheless, I’m sure that we’re in for a treat next month.

Are you excited that EXO will appear on Running Man?

Source: EXO_Fanbase/ Naver

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