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EXO to have their own variety show called EXO’s Showtime

Oh EXOtics, November is just going to be your favorite month.

Aside from EXO coming back with a brand new album in November, EXO will also be given their own variety show!

The variety show will be called EXO’s Showtime, and will air on November 28th!

The variety show will be hosted on MBC’s network and it’s bound to make all of EXO’s fan girls happy and excited.

EXO to have their own variety show called EXO's Showtime

Fans have been asking for EXO to have their own variety show for quite some time now, and like before, the Korean Entertainment world has granted them their wishes.

Not much details were given regarding the brand new variety show. The tagline says that we will get to see “the never-before-seen real life of EXO”, so perhaps we’ll get to see what they do in their daily lives! We can also expect there to be lots of games, jokes, stories, performances and more. The whole shabang.

This show is probably a way for EXO to promote their new album to the max.

There’s also a portion of the show where EXO will answer their fan’s personal questions! You can submit your questions through this link.

It’s like having an hour of EXO all to yourself.

I hope the viewer ratings are great for their variety show! With their huge fanbase, it probably will be.

You can follow EXO’s Showtime’s official Twitter or this Facebook Page for updates!

Source: EXO_Fanbase

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  1. Ajrah Belkeas says

    hi, is there a translation for the website? (

    1. kpoprookies says

      Not yet, but I’m sure the other fan bases are working on translating it. It could take a few days though.

      1. Ajrah Belkeas says

        oh ok then, thanks anyways 😀

  2. Beta Dee says

    Can we (international fans) also send our questions too? Cause even if I translated the page, it was still in Korean. Hope you’ll respond to my question.

    1. kpoprookies says

      It doesn’t look like there’s an option yet, but if it’s like EXO’s “Growl on a Midsummer’s Night” event, international fans should get an opportunity to ask questions too.

      We’ll have to wait for MBC to give us some updates. That, and the other international fan bases will probably start taking people’s questions soon to send to EXO.

  3. 4EverLittleMIssFanGirl says

    I want to send questions too… ;A;

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