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EXO to hold a comeback showcase on April 15th!

It’s confirmed that EXO’s comeback will be on April 15th!

Samsung Music sent out an update to EXO fans through Kakaotalk.

In the preview picture, all 12 of the boys are donning white sweatshirts and new hairstyles!

We can’t wait to see what their new concept is!

EXO to hold a comeback showcase on April 15th

The comeback showcase will be held at Jamsil Stadium.

There’s no official date on when their album will be released yet, but we’re hoping that it’s either on April 15th, or a day after.

The boys are going to be super busy in mid-April.

Right before their comeback showcase, they’ll be holding their debut showcase in Japan through Avex Trax.

Also, D.O will be filming for his new drama “It’s Alright, It’s Love”.

And not only that! Chanyeol will also be recording for his new variety show “Roommate”.

EXO will barely get any time to rest next month.

Let’s support them the best we can during their promotions! We hope it’s a huge success like XOXO.

Source: EXONyeonDan

  1. Lynn says

    OMGOSHHH !!!!! _< Can't wait for their comeback !! But please sm they don't have time to rest, please, don't give them a lot of work…

  2. Maijun Jamdee says

    White sweatshirts? I like the hairstyles, but the sweatshirts? How will this end up?
    Also, the eyeliner man, the eyeliner.

    I’m half excited and half scared.

  3. LilSuhoe says


  4. […] While there wasn’t any confirmation on when the mini-album would be released, we do know that EXO will be holding their comeback showcase on April 15th. […]

  5. […] SBS’s “Roommate” will officially start airing on April 20th, 5 days after EXO’s comeback showcase. […]

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