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EXO to hold their 1st solo concert in Japan on April 12th!

So I guess there was some miscommunication between K-Pop Republic and SM Entertainment because EXO has now been confirmed to be holding their 1st solo concert in Japan rather than the Philippines.

EXO will be holding a total of 4 solo concerts in Japan from April 12th to April 13th.

There is expected to be 70,000 fans in attendance. Tickets will be sold for 6,900 yen and 7,900 respectively.

The name of the solo concert will be, “EXO Greeting Party in Japan “Hello!” and it will be held at the Saitama Super Arena.

EXO 2014 calendar

While we’re upset that EXO won’t be holding their 1st solo concert in the Philippines after all, we can understand why SM Entertainment decided to go the Japan route.

First, K-Pop Republic would only be able to secure a concert venue that would support up to 4,000 fans — A huge difference from the 70,000 fans that would be able to attend the Japanese concert.

Second, SM Entertainment would want EXO to start their activities in Japan as soon as possible due to how much more money they can make their rather than in Korea.

It looks as though EXO will be holding 2 solo concerts in one day… That sounds like an extremely rough schedule. We hope the boys aren’t worn out by performing twice as much choreography and singing than usual.

And since they’re holding a solo concert in April, perhaps rumors of their comeback either this month or next month are true! And we should expect our wallets to take a hit pretty soon.

These solo concerts will probably be more of a showcase, similar to what Girls’ Generation did after their Hoot promotions. EXO will be singing a majority of their Korean hits, and they’ll be introducing themselves to their Japanese fanbase before they actually debut in Japan.

It’s all very exciting! These boys have come a very long way.

Source: EXONYEONDAN & Nikkan Sports

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  1. Midnight.Rose says

    Yeah! Congrats to these boys, they’ve taken the next step to becoming international!!

  2. Maijun Jamdee says

    Their popularity really skyrocketed! I can see why though 😀

    But anyways, congrats to the boys! Someday they’re going to be legendary.

  3. Helena Magick says

    Motherfucker…… Are there still some tickets left?

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