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EXO to join MBC’s Idol Futsal Tournament!


MBC will be holding a idol futsal championship in celebration of the 2014 Brazil World Cup!

And word has it that EXO will be participating in it!

The futsal tournament will be held in similar fashion to the Idol Star Athletics Championship.

Word has it that Beast will be joining in as well. We hope that B.A.P and VIXX join in too!

EXO to join MBC's Idol Futsal Championship

We hope that EXO-M comes back to participate in the tournament.

EXO’s going to need Luhan and Xiumin’s skills to take EXO to the finals.

There’s no set date to when this futsal tournament will take place, but we expect to to be held within a couple of weeks.

Perhaps it will be the end of this month (after EXO’s solo concerts in Seoul?).

We can’t wait for MBC to announce the dates. EXO fans will be joining together to cheer the boys on.

I just hope that EXO finally gets a win in a futsal battle.

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