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EXO to perform at Lee Soo Man’s alma mater

EXO has been given the honor of performing for Lee Soo Man’s alma mater “Seoul National University”.

They’ll be joining their senior labelmates Girls’ Generation.

Both groups will be representatives for Lee Soo Man’s outstanding success ever-since graduating SNU.

They’re set to perform sometime between 3:00PM – 5:00PM Korean Standard Time.

EXO to perform for Lee Soo Man's Alma Mater


It looks like the students of Seoul National University are in for a big treat soon (whenever Lee Soo Man is set to make his appearance at SNU).

Having two powerhouse groups attending the event must be a dream come true for a lot of them.

Hopefully there aren’t any outsiders there obstructing the event.

We’re excited to find out what EXO and SNSD will be performing, and how many songs will be in their setlist.

If their appearance happens after EXO’s comeback, SNU students will be one of the first people to hear their new comeback track!

We’ll update you when we find out more information.

EXO to perform for Lee Soo Man's Alma Mater 1

Source: EXONyeonDan & Ksyeon_125


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