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EXO to perform new songs at upcoming EXO’LuXion concert!


Even more great news for fans who are going to attend EXO’s upcoming “EXO’LuXion” concerts, EXO will be performing some of their new album tracks!

So this is pretty awesome, not only are we going to hear their new comeback track, we’re also going to be hearing their other new material as well.

It’s already been confirmed that one of the tracks they will be performing is “El Dorado“, the same track used for Chanyeol’s debut teaser.

We’re so glad that SM Entertainment has decided to turn El Dorado into a full track.

EXO to perform new songs including El Dorado at EXOLuxion concert

It’d be great if SM Entertainment also include Run & Gun and Time Control in their album as well.

Fans have been waiting years to hear those tracks in their full glory.

Check out a preview of El Dorado below:


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