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EXO to perform “Overdose” as OT12 on M!Countdown

Update 5/14/2014: Unfortunately, due to EXO-M’s schedule, only EXO-K will be performing on M!Countdown this week.

For EXO’s performance of Overdose on M!Countdown this week, EXO will be performing as OT12!

We knew that SM Entertainment would bring back the OT12 eventually!

We just didn’t know they were going to bring them back so soon.

We hope that with all of EXO performing on stage this week, it’ll help them gain more support from EXOtics all around the world.

EXO to perform Overdose as OT12 this week on M Coundown

EXO’s going to need all the support they can get with their promotions this time.

We thought that they would be competing with lesser foes this comeback, but then INFINITE, IU, and g.o.d all decided to have their comebacks this month too.

EXO is going to have one heck of a fight, but we believe that with their huge sales numbers and the support of their ever-growing fanbase, they’ll be able to snag a lot of #1 wins.

But competition aside, let’s look forward to a live OT12 version of “Overdose” this week from EXO.

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