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EXO to release 1st concert album called “EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet”

December, 2014 isn’t the only Christmas present we get to look forward to from EXO!

The boys will also be releasing their very first concert album called “EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet”!

The album, which will be released on December 22nd, 3 days after December, 2014, will contain various live tracks from their EXO from EXOPLANET -The Lost Planet in Seoul concerts.

There will be 36 songs total in this album, spread across 2 CDs.

EXOLOGY Chapter 1 The Lost World from EXO

Not only will we be able to hear the live versions of EXO’s title tracks and b-tracks, but we’ll also be able to hear each members’ solos as well!

I am dying to hear D.O’s “Tell Me What Is Love”. I’ll have that track on constant repeat.

So prepare your wallets because we have 6 days until EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet  is released!

Are you excited?

Pre-order your copy of EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet here!

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