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EXO to release full Japanese studio album this year


EXO is set to launch their first full Japanese studio album later on this year, according to Business Post!

This will come right after they have their summer comeback, which we’re guessing will also be a full album considering they just released a mini-album this past winter.

This is turning out to be a very busy year for EXO. We hope they can find some time to rest in their schedule.

But nonetheless, we are very excited.

EXO to release first full Japanese album this year

SM Entertainment is going all out this year, shelling out comebacks and solo debuts left and right for their artists.

So far, most of their releases this year have been stellar, so we have no doubt that EXO’s comeback and Japanese full-length album will be spectacular.

Hopefully it’ll be on the level of Girls’ Generation’s first full album “Girls’ Generation“. That album was flawless and helped them secure many Japanese fans.

We can’t wait for the rest of this year to come already!

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