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EXO to return as an 8-member group next comeback

Well this is massively disappointing.

It turns out that Lay will be absent from all of EXO’s comeback due to his schedule in China.

Although we’re not completely unsurprised because this seems to be a recurring theme each year, we’re still disappointed.

Unlike the years before, Lay won’t even have a part in EXO’s album.

EXO will be coming back as an 8-member group.

The entire EXO-L fanbase is devastated and Lay is very, truly sorry.

SM Entertainment stated that Lay is sad that he can’t be a part of this comeback and that he can’t perform for his fans.

Lay’s just immensely popular in China and he’s been booked solid throughout the year.

He’s still receiving a huge influx of calls from movie producers and entertainment shows in China. Everyone wants a piece of him.

We’re going to miss Lay this year, but we’re still looking forward to EXO’s new album next month.

We wish both Lay and the other boys luck.

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