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EXO to return to Happy Camp [2015]!

It has been announced that EXO will be returning to Happy Camp!

No official date has been set for their return, but if it follows the timeline of their previous Happy Camp appearances, their episode will probably air in either June or July.

Happy Camp is one of our favorite variety shows to see EXO on.

The members are so hilarious and so are the other participants on the show.

EXO to come back to Happy Camp 2015

It’s going to be a sad to see EXO on Happy Camp without both Kris and Luhan, but we hope that the EXO members still have a good time.

We also hope that they still receive explosive cheers from fans in the audience, just like they do every year.

Also, get better soon Tao so you can be on the show with the other boys. Happy Camp will not be the same without your quirkiness and hilarious antics.

Source: EXO_Fanbase & 芒果揭秘

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