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EXO to reveal comeback track publicly through Music Bank

EXO’s very first public broadcast of their comeback track will be aired through Music Bank’s special in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The recording of the special will take place on March 28th, but a broadcast date for the song has yet to be revealed.

According to the PD of the Music Bank special, this will be the first time the song will be publicly revealed and they expect a lot of fans to tune in.

However, chances are that we’ll hear snippets, or even a full version of EXO’s comeback track ever sooner than March 28th.

EXO comeback track first broadcast on music bank vietnam

EXO will be revealing their comeback track to fans who attend their upcoming EXO’luXion solo concerts.

So expect to see a bunch of fancams of EXO performing their new song privately for EXO-L to see.

Sure, the quality won’t be the best, but it’ll definitely hold us over for when EXO’s comeback album is officially released.

Don’t fear, we’re going to get a dose of EXO really soon.


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