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EXO tops Hong Kong's HMV charts for the second week in a row

EXO’s new comeback album has been sweeping charts all around, and Hong Kong’s HMV chart is no exception. The boys’ album, both the Hugs and Kiss version, has topped the HMV charts two weeks in a row, from June 3rd to June 15th.

Not only that, but alongside the 300,000 album pre-orders for XOXO, charts have recorded that XOXO has sold over 200,000 more copies of the album, meaning that this rookie group has already surpassed half a million sales.

The boys also topped Billboard’s World Album Chart and have won 4 consecutive wins on a variety of music shows. It’s no wonder that they’re not known as the “scary rookies”, a nickname that’s well-deserved.

EXO tops Hong Kong's HMV Charts two weeks in a row

While the boys only landed 4th place on the most recent M! Countdown, they have achieved massive success and are well on their way to becoming full-fledged idols. The boys are currently doing a massive amount of interviews and fan sign events to meet/greet their fans as well as gain new ones.

There’s talks of the boys going on more variety shows, with them hoping that they can make an appearance on shows like Running Man, 2 Days 1 Night, and even We Got Married (which would thrill fans all around).

The boys should be finishing up their promotions of Wolf relatively soon, but there is word that they are practicing a dance version of another song (was it Baby, Don’t Cry)? So perhaps they’re getting ready for another series of promotions for XOXO. I would love to see a music video for Baby, Don’t Cry, because it is my second favorite song on their album.

Speaking of music videos, we keep hearing that SM will be releasing the drama version of Wolf any day now, but it’s still a no show. Hopefully it will come out relatively soon. What are they waiting for anyways?

Congrats again to EXO for their massively successful comeback, and here’s hoping that we’ll be seeing a lot more of them soon.

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