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EXO, VIXX, and BESTie tie for 1st place on SBS’s Star Faceoff Chuseok Special

SBS’s Star Faceoff Chuseok Special was definitely a hilarious broadcast to watch. There were many idols and idol groups impersonating classic icons, but who came out on top?!

Well it turns out that the judges had a hard time deciding who would be in 1st place… so in the end… they decided to have 4 groups tie up for the #1 finish!

What’s surprising is that 3 out of the 4 winners were rookie Kpop groups! Alongside Hong Jin YoungEXO, VIXX, and BESTie all tied up for the 1st place win!

That was a surprise to everyone considering how these rookies managed to win over veteran groups like Rainbow, Girls’ Day, ZE;A, and SISTAR.

Congrats to them for winning!

EXO VIXX BESTie tie for 1st place SBS Star Faceoff Chuseok Special

EXO did a hilarious impersonation of The Beatles, did an awesome cover of the song “All My Loving”, and did hilarious impressions/dances to finish off their performance.

VIXX transformed into the Wonder Girls and immediately had the audience roaring with laughter at their impersonation and performance.

BESTie brought the audience back in time with their Fin.K.L impersonation and they showed the audience that despite being a brand new rookie group, they have the skills to make it big.

Check out the video of the SBS Star Faceoff Chuseok Special winners below as well as their speeches.

Source: Allkpop

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