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EXO wins 7th trophy with Call Me Baby!

EXO has another win in the bag, making this Call Me Baby’s 7th win so far!

At this point it’s not even a surprise who’s going to win anymore.

The boys performed great and they looked so very dashing in their white outfits.

Congratulations to EXO for their 7th win so far!

EXO wins 7th win with call me baby on show champion

We can’t help but notice Lay and Tao’s absence from today’s performance.

We know that Tao is still recovering from his injuries and that Lay is currently promoting his individual activities in China.

I bet netizens are going to have another field day with Lay’s absence. They’re probably going to cry out “traitor” on every single message board.

But we know that Lay is loyal to EXO and that he loves his fellow members.

Check out EXO’s performance of Call Me Baby on Show Champion below, as well as their acceptance speech.

We look forward to their upcoming 8th win soon.

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