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EXO wins a Triple Crown from M! Countdown with “Miracles in December”!

It has just been revealed that EXO has won a Triple Crown from M! Countdown!

Because of all of the recent end-of-the-year ceremonies, music programs have been pushed to the back burner while artists travel near-and-far to attend said ceremonies.

Last time we kept track, EXO was on their 6th win with “Miracles in December“, and now they’re on their 9th!

Their latest win, from M!Countdown, was against Hyorin and 2NE1! EXO came out on top while Hyorin took 2nd and 2NE1 came in 3rd.

EXO wins a Triple Crown on M Countdown with Miracles in December

To keep track, here are all of EXO’s total wins with “Miracles in December” so far:

  • Show Champion – 1 win
  • M! Countdown – 3 wins
  • Music Bank – 1 win
  • Music Core – 2 wins
  • Inkigayo – 2 wins

Congratulations to EXO for all of their wins! Their recent win is a great way to kick off 2014.

Unfortunately, EXO should be concluding their promotions for “Miracles in December” soon. Mainly because December is over, and because EXO’s special winter album was primarily only intended to be promoted throughout December.

That, and if news reports are correct, EXO should be preparing for their next “official” album release, which is slated to come out sometime in February.

Source: SMTOWNEngSub

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