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EXO wins “Best-Selling Korean Act” at the World Music Awards!

EXO has won the “Best-Selling Korean Act” at the World Music Awards!

Unfortunately, that’s the only award they won… One Direction beat them out in most of the other categories.

On the plus side though! EXO was the only K-Pop artist to win any award at the World Music Awards!

So yay for them! Way to represent their country.

EXO wins best-selling korean act at world music awards

We’re a bit sad that they didn’t win any of the more top-tier awards, but there’s always more competitions to win.

Next time we’ll be more prepared, and we’ll launch an all-out attack to guarantee EXO more trophies!

Congratulations to EXO for winning the “Best-Selling Korean Act”, and also congrats to all of the other winners as well.

EXO is still a young group, and we’re hoping that later on in their careers, we’ll be able to help them become world artists.

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