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EXO wins their 8th trophy for Overdose thanks to Music Core!


Congratulations to EXO! They’ve just won their 8th trophy for Overdose!

Today’s win was thanks to EXO-K, who won 1st place on Show! Music Core (without even showing up!).

They went up against both Wheesung and IU for the win, and they triumphantly came out on top!

EXO-K won first place with 7633 points. IU came in second place with 6759 points, and Wheesung came in 3rd place with 5931 points.

Credit: EXO_M_K
Credit: EXO_M_K

Congratulations to EXO-K for winning!

Unfortunately they weren’t in attendance for Music Core because they’re busy getting ready for another solo concert performance!

So instead, a picture of their logo took their place.

We’re glad that EXO is still going strong.

Their album sales are starting to dwindle, since it’s been about 3 weeks since it was released, but fans are still working very hard at voting for EXO to win.

EXO was maxed out in all of the SNS/text votes!

Good job EXOtics! Keep up the good work!

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