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EXO wins two awards from “iF Design Awards 2014”

The 2014 iF Design (International Forum Design) Awards has just given EXO two awards for their designs.

EXO’s XOXO/Growl album won the “Packaging Design” award and EXO’s Brand Identity design won the “Communication Design” award.

Not only that, but EXO’s sunbaes, Girls’ Generation, also won two awards as well. They won two “Packaging Design” awards. One for “The Boys” and another for “I Got A Boy“.

Both EXO and SNSD are the first Korean groups/entities to win awards from “iF Design”.

EXO wins two awards from the iF Design Awards 2014 1

The iF Design Awards grade designs based on 4 aspects: The design itself, brand value, completeness, and innovation.

Congratulations to both EXO and SNSD for winning awards!

And also props to SM Entertainment for representing Korea in the awards.

It shows that SM Entertainment certainly knows what its doing when marketing their products.

It’s no surprise that they won. The designs for EXO’s Growl album as well as SNSD’s “The Boys” album are impressive.

EXO wins two awards from the iF Design Awards 2014

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