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EXO wins Union Pay’s Album of the Year at the 2014 MAMA awards


EXO has just grabbed another Daesang at the 2014 MAMA awards.

They were just given Union Pay’s Album of the Year award for Overdose!

Congrats to our boys!!

Overdose was a wonderful mini-album and the top-selling album of the year!

1 EXO wins Union Pay's 2014 MAMA album of the year award

We hope that EXO winning multiple daesangs becomes a regular occurrence at end-of-the-year ceremonies.

EXO is still a relatively young group, so they can only improve from here on out.

This has been a very good night for the boys, and we hope that they go out and have a big celebration.

They deserve it after winning 4 awards, 2 of which were Daesangs, at the 2014 MAMA awards tonight.

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