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EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet Tracklist

EXO’s 1st solo concert album, EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet, will be released on December 22nd!

It’ll have 2CDs and a total of 36 tracks, including each members’ solo tracks as well as studio versions of some of their remixed songs.

Oh, and EXO’s newest song, December, 2014 – The Winter’s Tale, is on this album as well!

The concert album will be released in two versions: A normal version and a special version… which we have yet to see the details of.

Here is the tracklist for EXOLOGY Chapter 1!

EXOLOGY Chapter 1 the lost Planet tracklist

EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet


  1. The Lost Planet
  2. Haka
  3. MAMA (Re-arranged)
  4. Let Out The Beast
  5. I’m Lay (Lay’s solo)
  6. Moonlight
  7. Delight (Chanyeol’s solo)
  8. Angel
  9. Black Pearl (Re-arranged)
  10. Up Rising (Chen’s solo)
  11. XOXO (Kisses and Hugs)
  12. Beat Maker (Sehun’s solo)
  13. Love Love Love (Re-arranged)
  14. Thunder
  15. Tell Me What Is Love (D.O’s solo)
  16. My Lady
  17. My Turn to Cry (Baekhyun’s solo)
  18. Baby, Don’t Cry


  1. Machine
  2. Breakin’ Machine (Xiumin solo)
  3. 3.6.5
  4. History
  5. Beautiful (Suho solo)
  6. Peter Pan
  7. Metal (Tao solo)
  8. Deep Breath (Kai solo)
  9. Overdose
  10. Wolf – The Legend Begins
  11. Wolf
  12. Growl
  13. Lucky
  14. [Bonus Track] Black Pearl Concert Rearrangement (Studio version)
  15. [Bonus Track] Love Love Love Acoustic Version (Studio version)
  16. [Bonus Track] Wolf – Stage version – (Studio version)
  17. [Bonus Track] Growl Stage version (Studio version)
  18. [Bonus Track] December, 2014 (The Winter’s Tale)

You can pre-order the album from YesAsia now!

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