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EXO’s “A Midsummer Night’s Growl” draws in 350,000 viewers from over 90 countries!


EXO has created another record set on by their huge popularity. A couple of days ago, EXO held a special live event on Naver Starcast called “EXO LIVE! A Midsummer Night’s Growl!” and the event attracted a whopping 350,000 viewers throughout 90 different countries, including Korea, China, the United States, Taiwan, Japan, the Phillipines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and a whole bunch more.

350,000 viewers at one moment is the highest number of online viewers Naver ever had for Starcast, let alone any other special event.

A Midsummer Night’s Growl was an amazing 1 ½ hour event, where fans were able to ask EXO personal questions, see EXO goof around and play games, and see EXO perform “XOXO” and “Lucky” live. The entire event was hosted by Super Junior’s Shindong, who provided a nice and humorous atmosphere for everyone.

EXO LIVE! A Midsummer Night's Growl attracted 350,000 viewers throughout 90 countries

The event had a spectacular ending, with EXO finally releasing the original version of their “Growl” music video. The video features “Growl’s” amazing choreography alongside close-up shots of all of the members of EXO.

EXO’s has proven that they’re one of the most popular groups of 2013. They’re setting records left and right, have managed to snag a total of 7 music trophies so far with “Wolf” and “Growl”, and are the most coveted guests to appear on variety shows.

Congratulations to EXO for all of their achievements, including this latest one, and here’s to a lot more achievements in the near future.

Source: EXO_M_K

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