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EXO’s album expected to be released late March/early April

According to broadcast officials, EXO’s comeback album is expected to be released by the end of this month, or in very early April.

They will be holding their comeback stages starting on the first or second week of April.

Since this information isn’t straight from SM Entertainment’s mouth, we’ll classify it as a rumor.

But at least we have a time table to look forward to now! Even though it’s still far away.

EXO comeback album to be released late march early april

Even though we’ve only heard snippets of EXO’s album songs, we have to say that we’re very impressed by each track so far.

Check out a tracklist for the album here.

Their comeback track “Call Me Baby” sounds amazing and we agree that it seems to be of very high quality like SM has said.

EXO has just started their EXO’LuXion solo concert tour and they’re killing it at their shows.

Their concert has been trending on social media pretty much everyday, showing that their popularity isn’t dying because of their scandals, but still growing rapidly.

We look forward to their comeback and we hope they bring home a lot more awards. Hell, it’d be fantastic if they broke their record of 14 wins with Growl.

You can help the boys win a lot of awards with this very simple, almost lazy tutorial on music shows.

Sourcce: EXO_Fanbase

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