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EXO’s Baekhyun shares his ghost stories on Beatles Code 2

On last week’s episode of Beatles Code 2, EXO’s Baekhyun decided to give everyone a scare by sharing a few ghost stories.

Baekhyun started things off by telling the MCs and the Brown Eyed Girls about the time he was practicing in the basement hall of the SM Entertainment building.

He said that while he was practicing, he heard a thump against the wall. At first, he thought he was just hearing things. 10 minutes later, he heard the same thump and he got scared. He then began hearing sounds come from the bathroom.

At that exact moment of the story, one of the MC’s took the opportunity to scare the heck out of Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA, who ended up crying and elbowing the MC in the face.

After all of the commotion and everyone having a good laugh, Baekhyun continued on with the story. It turned out that all it was, was the wind.

EXO's Baekhyun shares his ghost stories on Beatles Code 2

Baekhyun then told another ghost story, and this one gave goosebumps to all of Beatles Code 2’s viewers.

Baekhyun said that if you pay close attention to EXO’s MAMA music video, you can hear a women’s voice. He says that you can only hear it in the music video and not in the actual song. At a certain point in the music video, you can hear a women clearly say, “Thank you everyone” in Mandarin. Everyone immediately got chills.

EXO’s Lay chimed in saying that he got “moon skin”, breaking the tension and causing everyone to laugh. What he meant to say was “chicken skin” which is another way of saying goosebumps.

You can check out both segments of Baekhyun’s ghost stories below! I was a bit disappointed that some of the ghost stories got cut out, but hopefully we’ll get to hear them when Beatles Code 2 releases the unreleased footage of the show!

EXO – Baekhyun’s basement ghost story:

EXO – Baekhyun’s MAMA music video ghost story

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