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EXO’s Chanyeol cries while worrying about Oh Jong Hyuk

EXO’s Chanyeol couldn’t control his tears after his fellow “Laws of the Jungle” cast member, Oh Jong Hyuk, suffered a pretty deep injury on his finger.

Oh Jong Hyuk was powering through his pain as the “Laws of the Jungle” staff were treating his injury.

He, himself, was holding back tears, but he was keeping strong and at some points even laughing in order to make his fellow members feel at ease. He ironically even comforted Chanyeol during the entire process.

Chanyeol was not eased though. He was crying and wiping tear after tear, and at one point he had to walk away from the others.

Chanyeol scarf

Ye Ji Won came over to comfort Chanyeol and told him that Oh Jong Hyuk would be alright.

After he was done being treated, Oh Jong Hyuk and Chanyeol gave each other a hug.

Chanyeol stated in his interview portion for the show,

“When Jong Hyukie hyung was receiving treatment, it was very obvious that he was in a lot of pain, but he kept smiling. That made my heart hurt a lot and suddenly tears started falling.”

Chanyeol is the adorable maknae of the show, caring about his Laws of the Jungle cast mates, and Oh Jong Hyuk is obviously the strong, older brother who takes care of everyone else.

Everyone was so close to one-another and bonding with each other so well, even though this was only the 1st episode of “Laws of the Jungle in Micronesia”. It’ll be exciting to see how much the cast grows and bonds with each other throughout the rest of the season.

You can check out the clip of this event below!

  1. Vanessa Anne says

    Chanyeol bb is so caring and adorable. :’)

  2. Kim Chasoo says

    Chanyeol is so sweet and soft like a panda

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