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EXO’s Chanyeol feels sorry for not sharing his chocolate with the “Laws of the Jungle” cast

During the “Laws of the Jungle in Micronesia” press conference, EXO’s Chanyeol shared a cute and hilarious story that occurred when the group first arrived at their destination.

Ye Ji Won, one of the cast members on the show, gave each of her fellow members a bag of some of her favorite chocolates.

Everyone had eaten Ye Ji Won’s delicious chocolates while on the plane ride over to Micronesia, but not Chanyeol!

When the group arrived in the Micronesian jungles, the group was struggling with starvation.

Chanyeol Airport 1

Everyone was generous and decided to share their food with one-another, except for Chanyeol.

He said that he intended on sharing his chocolates with everyone, but after eating one piece, he lost all self-control and ate the rest.

He felt really bad about eating all the chocolate, so to make up for it, he worked really hard on the program from then on.

The entire crew had a good laugh at his confession.

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