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EXO’s Chanyeol is now roomies with actor Shin Sung Woo

We’ve just found out who EXO Chanyeol’s new roommate in SBS’sRoommate” is going to be!

He’ll be sharing a bedroom with actor Shin Sung Woo, who is about 24 years his senior.

But despite that big age difference, the two are getting along swimmingly (but of course! Our Channie can get along with anyone).

The two of them shared a little selca to all of their fans.

EXO's Chanyeol is now roomies with Shin Sung Woo

Shin Sung Woo wrote on his twitter,

“On the set of Roommate! It’s a lot of fun. Our family is amazing. They’re all great people, and so is my roommate!”

SBS’s “Roommate” will officially start airing on April 20th, 5 days after EXO’s comeback showcase.

We’re glad that everyone is getting along so well, but we do wonder how long that will last.

I’m excited about the Park Bom and Chanyeol interactions. I wonder if he will grill her for information on Dara.

We can’t wait to tune in for the very first episode of “Roommate”.

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