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EXO’s Chanyeol receives netizen’s praise for SBS’s Roommate

So unfortunately, SBS’s Roommate has already been hit with some negative criticism.

Netizens already hated the concept of all of these celebrities living together, but after seeing how some of these stars act in real life, they hate the show even more!

Surprisingly, EXO’s Chanyeol has managed to evade the netizens’ criticisms thanks to his kind and lovable personality.

Many netizens are now looking forward to the show thanks to him, Park Bom, and Lee Dongwook.

EXO's Chanyeol receives netizen's praise for SBS's Roommate

Chanyeol was very kind and helpful on the show. When Seho and Changhee first arrived, he helped them with their luggage and offered Changhee a glass of water.

Park Bom had a pleasant personality and politely refused help with her luggage, despite the other girls demanding their luggage to be carried in.

And unfortunately, Lee Dongwook and his kindness were the victim to Nana and Lee Sora’s demands.

We can already see where problems may arise in this show, but we hope that Chanyeol can power through them and continue on with his kind manners and personality.

We’d also love to see him and Park Bom interact! They’re already being dubbed the “Park siblings“.

Who knows, maybe those two will end up carrying this reality show.

Here are what netizens have to say about SBS’s “Roommate” so far, translated by KpopKfans:

The controversial show Roommate was aired and the first episode already showed the good and bad personalities.
Park Bom and Chanyeol seemed to have really good personalities, but Nana and Lee Sora… They told Lee Dongwook to carry their stuff. He asked Park Bom if she wanted him to carry hers but she politely refused. Lee Sora made Park Bom sleep on the couch because she wanted to hang out with him, like why?
One of the rules was that they were strongly recommended to date… are they out of their mind? ㅋㅋㅋ Anyways I hope Park Bom and Park Chanyeol would succeed, they have great personalities. I hope Nana and Lee Sora would learn from the criticisms.
1. [+154, -6] It’d be good to have Park Bom as a friend.
2. [+136, -6] Seriously Nana was so different. The guys carried Nana’s stuff and she didn’t even seemed to eager to carry it.
3. [+133, -18] Honestly I watched it because of Chanyeol and even if I exclude my fan-mind, he seemed to have good personalities. I think Nana was fine because she took care of Lee Sora but Lee Sora’s personalities are too headstrong. She also has a hard aura and I think it’s because she runs her own business. And why does Hong Soo Hyun keep sticking on the guys? I used to like her but I was so disappointed. “Strongly recommend dating”, are they crazy? This is really too much.
4. [+71, -2] Chanyeol was so well-mannered… Park siblings are the most charming ones… I hope they both become friends.
5. [+68, -2] I watched this and I was totally disappointed with some celebrities I used to like. I especially liked Hong Soo Hyun because she’s pretty and is a good actress. I also liked Lee Sora because she was cool on Infinity Challenge. I was disappointed with them. I used to not like Park Bom but now I like her.
6. [+66, -1] I watched it because of Chanyeol but I’m falling for Park Bom.
7. [+65, -1] It’s a reality show, of course their real personalities would be shown… If they were to live together, they have to get along well but the cast doesn’t match well so it’s already getting so many criticisms when it’s just the first episode… And the subtitles are weird, too. I’m sure someone will damage their image on this show. I personally found Lee Dongwook, Park Bom, and Chanyeol kind. I still have to watch it more to fully know… And Park Bom was in the preview a lot because she had many fans anticipating her but in the actual episode, she didn’t show much.
8. [+61, -3] I used to view Park Bom as so-so because of her plastic surgery but after watching this episode, I think she’s a really good person to be around. She’s well-mannered and she has cool personalities. She was so cute when she ate bread and fell asleep ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
9. [+56, -3] Honestly Park Bom has 4D personalities so she doesn’t have unpleasant personalities. Anyone would like her personalities. It’s fortunate that they put Park Bom in Roommate. The casts were boring except for a few.



  1. Sam says

    Hahahahaha get the fuck out of here. He is the most useless faggot on the show besides the new debut actor. At least the actor is good looking.

  2. SHINee_Lover says

    what are you talking about girl

    you never really know any of these since it was EDITED
    like sure they put a segment of bom refusing but im pretty sure that anyone wouldve done so too so dont just put the blame on Nana and Sora

    plus just because your a bom fan you shouldnt go saying stuff you dont really know about the other idols

  3. CY says

    you are really biasing someone on the show!

  4. Lisa Anne Dazo says

    Oh my Netizens!!! Who invented them anyway? they hate almost everything in is world!!!

  5. K-drama girl says

    I know this may not be what other people may think but I believe that So Ra is actually a kind person becuz she even listened to Soo Hyun’s sad story from the past and comforted her. Also I dont think Nana’s all that bad, while she was in japan she bought presents for everyone in Roommate. Would that be considered rude? I dont think so.
    Just trying to state an opinion and i do not mean dis in an offencive way.

    1. 0i0onepiece0i0 says

      This was the criticism received after the first episode. So first impressions of some of them were a bit harsh, but now most people have most likely see they are actually really nice! 🙂

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