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EXO’s Chanyeol tries his hand at being an MC


Yesterday was a big day for Chanyeol, as he got to try his hand at being an MC. At the M! Countdown event, the same event where EXO held their first comeback for Growl, Chanyeol joined forces with f(x)’s Sulli to host the show. As fans could tell, Chanyeol is a natural at being an MC. With his outgoing personality and with his power of being a Happy Virus, he was a natural fit for his position. He cheerfully announced each group, improvised jokes/singing portions, enunciated his words, and held his cool despite being nervous.

Chanyeol tries his hand at being an MC for M! Countdown

Of course he had his moments of stuttering and forgetting a word here or there, but all in all he did great. Fans are saying that Chanyeol has a big future ahead of him as an MC. He could host more music shows, and possibly venture into the field of hosting variety shows and maybe even a radio show. He definitely has the personality for it.

You can check out Chanyeol’s MC cuts for M! Countdown below.

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