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EXO’s Chanyeol tries to get his stylist to stop smoking – Part 2

EXO’s Chanyeol is playing the role of a nicotine patch and is trying very hard to get his stylist to quit smoking. You may remember about a week ago, Chanyeol placed a piece of tape across his stylist’s cigarette box in an effort to stop his stylist from smoking.

Well apparently that wasn’t enough, so Chanyeol has stepped up his game…immensely.

Chanyeol eating BWCW

EXO’s stylist uploaded another picture on his Instagram and it’s even more hilarious compared to the last one. Instead of a single piece of tape spread across the opening of the cigarette box, Chanyeol unloaded the entire roll onto the box.

He taped it multiple times around the opening of the cigarette box, multiple times vertically over the box, and multiple times all around the box just to be safe.

Chanyeol Instagram gets EXO stylist to stop smoking

EXO’s stylist wrote on his Instagram saying,

“If Chanyeol continues like this, I’ll have to quit (smoking) next year.”

Fans have been giving Chanyeol kudos by saying things like,

“Good Job!” Good boy Chanyeol!” “You should listen to Chanyeol and quit!”

Fans love how adamant Chanyeol is when trying to get his stylist to stop smoking. It shows how much he cares about his fellow staff members well-being and how kind-hearted he is.

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