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EXO’s Chen donates to help young entrepreneurs


It has been discovered that EXO’s Chen, bless his soul, has made a donation to help aspiring, young entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

The organization that he donated to is called, “Siheung Woman Resources Development Center“, and they are working to help people ages 18-39 open up their own businesses.

Chen’s mother helped deliver the donation to the organization, but the check was made in Chen’s name.

Chen’s donation wasn’t a small one either.

EXO Chen makes a donation to help young entrepreneurs

The organization said that without Chen’s donation, their project wouldn’t have been able to get up off of the ground, so Chen, you’re amazing.

The Siheung Woman Resources Development Center will be working together with the Community Chest of Korea to get this project up and running.

Here are some netizens reactions to EXO Chen’s donation, translated by KKULJAEM:

1. [+3,189, -45] Never hesitate to compliment people who do good deeds

2. [+2,564, -55] A face as handsome as a his heart!!!

3. [+2,517, -17] He truly lives up to his looks.. He sings well too. Fighting

4. [+2,363, -55] As expected from a Siheung native!! The pride of Siheung~

5. [+2,130, -63] Such a cool hyung.. I’m younger than him but he’s far ahead of me when it comes to personality and good deed!!! Hyung~

6. [+353, -2] As expected of Chennie Chen~

7. [+339, -2] He’s seriously Kim Dajung (tn:warm-hearated) ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ He’s jjang for donating

8. [+331, -2] Even if you earn tons of money, it’s not easy to donate. He’s amazing!!

9. [+321, -3] What does he lack? His personality, skills and looks are too good ㅠㅠ

10. [+342, -9] I think he donates the most among idols. bb

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