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EXO’s comeback becomes a trending topic on Facebook!

EXO’s comeback has become the #1 trending topic on Facebook!

It shows just how popular EXO is around the world.

What’s surprising is that they’re one of the first K-Pop groups to achieve this feat!

This is really great exposure for EXO!

EXO 2014 calendar

Most people around the world are seeing EXO as a trending topic, however some EXO Facebook users aren’t so lucky.

And also, unfortunately, EXO’s name is characterized as “Exo“, but we’ll take it anyways.

The description for their trend is “EXO’s comeback confirmed for April 2014“.

They haven’t even made a comeback yet, and they’re already getting worldwide exposure and recognition.

We wonder if they’ll become a trend again when they actually comeback on April 15th.

EXO is only a couple of years into their debut, yet they’ve become a huge sensation already.

We can’t wait to see how powerful and popular they become once they become senior artists like Super Junior and Girls’ Generation.

For more information on EXO’s comeback, check out this post!

EXO becomes a trending topic on Facebook

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